Millions Expected to Travel Over Labor Day Weekend

Aug 27, 2019

Are you planning to be part of the rush this Labor Day?

During the final holiday weekend of the Summer, approximately 17.5 million travelers are forecasted to fly on U.S. carriers. From August 28th to September 3rd, this amounts to 2.5 million passengers passing through airports each day and represents a 4% increase over the same week last year.  Experts attribute the rise to affordable airline tickets but say activity has been increasing each year, in conjunction with strengthening consumer confidence.

Top Travel Trends This Summer and Beyond:

  • Thanks to recent models of personal mobile devices, most consumers are familiar with using biometrics for entering passwords. Facial recognition is already in use at hotels for guest identification, and it won’t be long before this tech is commonplace for flight check-in. Some airlines are already testing biometric gates at airports including Orlando, New York, Miami and London.
  • A growing number of consumers are dismissing traditional or family-style vacations in favor of solo adventures where individuals explore unique destinations on their own, using only their mobile phones. Instagram imagery provides a glimpse into the possibilities of what some refer to as 'nomadic experiences.
  • Agritourism continues to offer low-waste alternatives sought by those who want a ‘down-to-earth’ experience. Luxury and non-luxury destinations alike are integrating farms as part of their offerings, which are designed not only to educate guests but to help the resorts become self-sufficient and offer a truly immersive, farm-to-table experience.
  • One of the most exciting emerging travel technology trends is the Internet of Things (IoT). Today we see examples in hotel rooms with guest-facing devices that connect everything from room lighting and air conditioning, to room service – all controlled from an in-room tablet. And in airports, luggage cases may soon be installed with sensors that can alert their owners when they pass by at the baggage claim.

Keep watching for these and other anticipated trends, including new forms of payments and the arrival of AR and VR experiences.

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