Mobile-First Technology Strategies Are on The Rise for Restaurateurs

Sep 26, 2018

While technology changes at an ever-increasing rate, many restaurateurs aren’t backing away from strategic investments, according to the 2018 Customer Engagement Technology Study produced by Hospitality Technology. The study’s findings reveal that restaurants are investing more in mobile technology than prior years, with 45% of respondents planning to invest in mobile technologies during 2018-2019. Equally important, strategic technology investments have surpassed that of POS (point-of-sale) technology investments. For added opportunities to secure guest engagement, 38% of restaurateurs are looking to self-service kiosks to round out their investments, expanding their offerings to reach more guests.

Overall, the results suggest that there will be important shifts in the attention paid to technology over the next 12 to 18 months. Restaurants are following a multi-year strategy and emphasizing a new focus each year in an effort to increase their operational capabilities and offer a more comprehensive guest experience. It’s clear that restaurants are implementing technology to increase their market share and drive revenue while developing a loyal following. Reducing operational overhead is also a strategic objective according to the study’s participants.

The persistence of mobility is undisputed. As guests are in a constant state of connectivity, it’s just a short time before mobile guest-service technologies become commonplace across the industry, moving swiftly from a competitive differentiator to a competitive necessity.

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