Optimizing Hotel Facility Maintenance Costs

Nov 26, 2019

To cut operational costs, hotel operators can make some changes to streamline processes and alleviate headaches for staff - including facilities staff members. While hotel management will often use technology to streamline services related to guest reservations, check-in, and check-out, maintenance staff can also save time with the use of hotel work order automation.

The software can be used to assist facilities teams with task scheduling and work order management. For facility managers looking to cut costs, technology is especially useful for preventative maintenance of the hotel’s energy management, in-room entertainment, pools, and other systems. When looking at technology, facility managers will want to select software solutions that fit their specific needs and property systems. The right software also depends on the size of the hotel and the number of facilities and other staff. Consider a solution that can scale as the hotel grows.

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Automating Workflows with Technology

Hotel managers can automate repairs and other property work orders using technology.  Hotel facilities work order management solutions align the physical workplace with people who perform the tasks. Using technology, the streamlined connection between service technicians reduces the potential for miscommunication while improving interdepartmental productivity. Managers can connect specific jobs with qualified staff. Streamlining this process saves staff time, tracks details in an organized manner, and makes hotel managers’ lives easier.

Staying on Top of Systems Maintenance

Don’t wait. Perform regular service at recommended intervals. According to the US Department of Energy, congested HVAC filters increases energy consumption by 15%. Maintaining HVAC and other systems can reduce overall energy consumption, extend the life of hotel systems, and minimize the likelihood of a breakdown. System breakdowns are not only inconvenient for guests, but they can also be very costly for hotels.

Develop a schedule for maintaining the property’s equipment. For the HVAC system, this might mean scheduling the replacement of filters monthly, or quarterly. Filter replacement schedules will vary from property to property. Staff should also perform regular inspection and cleaning of internal fans, belts, and the area around the air intake.

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