Self-Service Doesn’t Have to Mean Lack of Service

Oct 04, 2019

Until recently, most resorts weren’t looking at digital self-service for fear the technology would obscure the human interaction that is so intrinsic to the hospitality industry. It’s the 21st century though, and consumers are incredibly self-sufficient – doing more using their smart devices from researching locales to booking online. Most reservations are completed almost entirely using self-service, often without a conversation with resort staff. Why should anyone expect the on-property experience to be considerably different? Contrary to conventional belief, self-service doesn’t necessarily translate to less interaction.

Today, self-service is an expected convenience. Delighting guests is the goal of every resort employee, and that’s precisely where technology supplements building stronger connections. Guest registration and check-in are tedious processes that most would gladly skip or handle remotely, at their convenience. Providing self-check-in and check-out options will only contribute to guest comfort. Using a lobby kiosk and enabling guests to check-in on their mobile devices changes their arrival experience altogether – making it much more seamless. By providing self-serve alternatives for those who want it, brands are elevating the hospitality experience.

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Digital self-service increases overall satisfaction with resort brands. As new generations of travelers and the online distribution marketplace constantly evolve, self-services in resorts, in terms of automated check-in, room selection and upgrades, digital keys, dining reservations, spa and golf bookings, checkout,  and secure payment will eliminate the administrative front office tasks and present more opportunities for guest interaction.

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