Smartphones Hold the Key for Guest Room Access

Apr 12, 2019

Hotel key cards may soon become a thing of the past. In the last few years mobile keys have grown in popularity across numerous hotels and resorts; even at the smallest of operations such as home-sharing or boutique properties. Just as RFID card keys once replaced outdated metal keys, mobile keys may sooner rather than later streamline the way most people access their hotel rooms, and in some cases, mobility is changing the guest check-in process as well.

Resorts are implementing this innovative way of opening doors for guests with an entry process that uses the guest’s smartphone, a device most people carry everywhere already. In large hotel chains like Hilton and Starwood, mobile room entry has been well-received by guests, even increasing guest satisfaction ratings.

Implementing this keyless entry system on any electronic door lock is reportedly simple and based on wireless locks that are unlocked by the customer through a secure Bluetooth connection. The advantages of implementing this mode of keyless entry are countless. The most notable being the speed with which guests can access their rooms due to the efficiency of bypassing the traditional check-in lines at the front desk, providing identification, a credit card and eventually getting their room key. Mobile keys don’t just appeal to guests and hoteliers from a convenience standpoint but also increase security with real-time ID verification, a feature that adds peace of mind by mitigating the potential for identity and other theft.

This mobile technology lessens the congestion at the front desk during peak times, as the guest can bypass reception. The technology can also prompt guests to use their smartphones for other activities beyond checking in and out. They may use their smartphones to order room service, book tour packages and spa treatments, and make dinner reservations at the on site restaurant. And in today’s world of heightened connectivity and instant gratification, a mobile key system fits right in.

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