Smartphones: The Norm for In-Room Services

Dec 26, 2018

One of the best perks of staying at a resort or hotel is room service. Having a delicious, comforting meal delivered right to your hotel room at any time of day is a convenient luxury. And today, with smartphones accompanying nearly every guest, it is no surprise these devices are being thrown into the room-service mix.

We can do almost everything via our personal devices. And the growing expectation among guests is the ability to order food and other services straight from their smartphones too. In fact, many operators are catching on to this in-room service trend and deploying hotel apps or QR codes that provide direct access to room service menus. These technologies allow for guests’ smartphones to directly interact with a venue’s POS system.

But it doesn't end with room service menu ordering. Oftentimes guests can also book tee times, spa services and reserve a table at the restaurant, all with a touch of their finger. Long gone are the days of dialing the front desk, now guests can take their time and browse their menu, service and time options. Operators are also finding that mobility is elevating the guest experience and they’re turning to mobile options for the check in and check out process.

The expansion of mobile capabilities in resorts and hotels has shown to be a win-win for guests and hotel operators alike. Guests benefit from the convenience of more self-service options that bring convenience and a more enjoyable travel experience. Moreover, operators can make more strategic staffing decisions based on these new, mobile service levels that reduce operating costs and elevate the guest experience.

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