The Upsides of Digitizing Hotel Housekeeping

Mar 20, 2019

We can all agree that quality housekeeping is one of the most important attributes a property can offer guests. Since it can be an extensive workload, especially in some of the largest properties, it relies on workflow efficiency to be productive. For this reason, it’s fundamental to have a good housekeeping process and seamless coordination with areas like the front desk, to identify which floors or rooms to prioritize based on demand, and with facilities maintenance, to ensure all equipment from electrical to plumbing function properly.

With an over-committed staff and difficulty tracking assignments when using outdated, paper-based management methods, it’s no surprise when guests are dissatisfied that their room isn’t ready upon arrival. The use of digital solutions for housekeeping management helps automate daily tasks and room assignments for Guest Room Attendants. By moving away from the traditional clipboard method, and deploying mobile technology, housekeeping staff can substantially streamline inter-property communication and room assignments, and boost productivity by eliminating calls to the front desk. Rooms are prioritized better, and statuses are updated on-the-fly. The ideal solution is intuitive and easy for all staff to learn. Some solutions work well on a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Digital housekeeping management helps promote brand efficacy, improves coordination and allows for greater control of daily tasks - all important things when keeping a property humming along at full speed. Employing a housekeeping solution enables communicate in real-time. By upgrading housekeeping management with a digital platform, staff can access information and share room details faster, reducing the time a guest waits for their room to be ready.  This newly found efficiency frees up staff to perform other duties that add value to the guest experience.

The advantages are clear. Mobile housekeeping technology can provide greater control and a real-time view of not just the room’s cleanliness status but also things like room maintenance needs or minibar replenishment. Maintenance requests also get assigned and completed quicker, reducing the number of days a guest room is unavailable to guests. With mobile task assignments, Guest Room Attendants perform more efficiently to ensure no guest room is overlooked.

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