Three Technology Essentials that Boost Staff Efficiency and Increase Guest Satisfaction

Feb 15, 2018

When your hotel focuses on these three essentials, your staff is empowered to take command of your property management system (PMS), and the result is an enhanced guest experience.

1. Have a Technology Plan

As hardware becomes obsolete, and software stops being maintained, they're not so useful. That’s why it’s important to update your PMS technology, and work with an established partner who is consistently enhancing its solutions. Having a technology plan often includes working with the right technology partner who keeps software and hardware current, which boosts overall productivity and guest satisfaction.

2. Grant Access to Information

Providing staff with access to the necessary information their job requires is an integral part of a successful strategy. Easy access to the data in your PMS technology helps staff more efficiently serve guests; allowing them to take command in their roles, resulting in a more empowered staff who know how to deliver a superior guest experience.

3. Foster Collaboration

Eliminate unnecessary meetings and miscommunications. PMS technology serves as a repository for valuable guest insights that enable staff to provide a personalized experience. Save time (and money), while empowering collaboration, even if that collaboration is via your PMS technology.

An enterprise-ready, all-in-one solution for full-service resorts, boutiques and hotels, Agilysys’ Visual One® helps hoteliers drive an estimated $10k in efficiency savings as a fully integrated property management suite.

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