What Hoteliers Need from Their PMS in 2022



What Hoteliers Need from Their PMS in 2022

Dec 16, 2021

A property management system houses several different tasks under one solution – from front desk operations, to rate management, human resources, housekeeping, guest services, and payment processing, among many others. While many of these tasks had previously been done manually, today, the modern property management system (or PMS) has automated them and provided hoteliers with several benefits to enable them to improve service levels and increase guest satisfaction. In order to coordinate these various services however, a PMS has to be flexible and easy to use. Today’s guest does not want to wait, and demands a seamless check-in/check out process, and in most cases, a contactless experience.

The Heart of the Hotel

The PMS is essentially the heart of a hotel and must integrate with multiple systems. Hoteliers are finding they need to adopt cloud-based and open platform PMS solutions to manage these capabilities and allow them to communicate with each other. By helping the hotel staff become more efficient and accurate, the quality of the PMS directly affects the guest experience – reducing wait times, providing accurate rates, customizing guest services, and providing a better stay in general, which translates in return guests and elevated satisfaction scores.

Today’s cloud-based PMS has the scalability of accommodating a single property or a full portfolio. These systems can be managed remotely or on property, and from any device, providing access to all tools and reports when needed. Users can manage multiple locations from one system and immediately improve operational efficiency.

To promote staff productivity and create the optimal guest experience, hoteliers are focused on seamlessly integrating multiple systems, but what is the best way to do this – one technology partner or more?

Property Management Solutions

From an individual location to an enterprise chain, get the most modern, comprehensive property management solutions for managing your hospitality business.

Is More Than One Too Many?

While most PMSs have the ability to integrate with several other solutions provided by various technology providers, many hoteliers opt to limit the number of vendors that they work with. Technology companies that have extensive experience working with the hospitality industry – including hotels, resorts, cruise, gaming, foodservice and restaurants – have the ability to understand the unique types of challenges that many of these properties face.

By working with one provider that understands the workflow of a hotel, the property has the ability to reduce training time on any operating system and streamline operational efficiency, allowing the staff to connect more closely with the guests. With an intuitive property management system and a vendor that understands and provides many of the systems needed to run a hotel, properties or brands now have a true partner – one whose focus is also on the guest.

Technology providers that have hotel experience can create a full range of system options to improve efficiency and property performance. Some of these solutions include revenue management, payment processing, point of sale, sales and catering, mobile and kiosk check-in/out, reservation management, and many others. Most of these companies provide 24/7 support and work with hotel companies around the globe. Hoteliers have the ability to enhance the performance of their PMS even more by working with the same technology provider on these other solutions.

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Today’s Optimal Property Management System

Hoteliers require a comprehensive and easy-to-use property management system to run their hospitality business. By selecting an intuitive, cloud-based PMS solution, and working with an experienced hospitality industry technology provider, a hotelier can create an optimal range of systems to run its business more efficiently and accurately. By creating an environment where the hotelier has reduced staff training time, and allowed seamless communication between multiple systems, the staff can focus on its most important responsibilities: improving guest service, boosting guest satisfaction, growing occupancy, increasing revenue, and reinforcing guest loyalty. 

Today’s most successful property management system providers don’t solely focus on the front desk and check-in; they want to be a partner and help customize the most effective solutions for the property or hotel company. They want the hotel to thrive, and in turn, they want to help create the best guest experience possible.

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