Why Guests Won’t Miss Your Front Desk Once It’s Gone

May 11, 2022

Do hotels really need a front desk? No. It's that simple. Kiosks, mobile check-in and digital keys allow guests to bypass the front desk and go straight to their rooms already. Through a single guest itinerary, hotel guests can access their pre-booked activities, or make new appointments once they arrive. They don’t need a staff member to help them with any of these things today.

But what about the guests who want that face-to-face interaction and require help with check-in?

For those who prefer in-person service, today's technology allows staff members to meet guests where they are. They can access the guest's itinerary, room status, perform ID verification, and check the guest in without the need for a fixed front desk. Guests can interact with the hotel the way they are most comfortable – from check-in to checkout. Plus, reservations management systems automatically monitor room availability and assign rooms to optimize floors and housekeeping teams. There is no longer the need for a traditional front desk or concierge station when staff members have access to the hotel's systems from a mobile device.

It can be tough to get restaurant reservations and some event tickets. How can our guests access these without the front desk, a concierge, or without calling the restaurant itself?

Resorts today have technology solutions in place for guests to view seating and availability in real - time. This helps the hotel optimize space and tables, but also makes the most of the employees they have through a better understanding of staffing needs at different times. Guests have access to restaurant reservations, special events or activities on-site, and in many cases, can select their preferred seat – whether at a concert venue, stadium, or gaming table.

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How do we make sure we are still providing great guest service when we aren't right in front of them?

Providing guests with the convenience of mobile check-in and going straight to their rooms without waiting in a line provides a positive check-in experience. It's all about providing flexible options to guests. Putting technology in their hands to make selections ahead of their stay reduces the staffing needs they will have once they are on property – like the front desk. When staff members have access to single guest itineraries and real-time property and system updates, they can help when needed. Even though there isn’t a staff member directly in front of guests at all times, service levels can be elevated through technologies like these that help boost staff productivity, and allow the property to personalize the guest’s experience.

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