Achieving Zero Disappointment Hospitality: How Updating Your Hotel's Property Management System Can Improve Guest Experience and Hotel Reputation

Oct 06, 2022

Hotels must make every effort to provide zero disappointment to guests if they want to rise above their competitors. One negative guest comment out of one hundred exceptional experiences can directly impact reputation and revenue. Hotels and resorts are arming themselves with innovative hotel system management features to enable their staff members to provide the highest level of guest service possible, and therefore, the best guest experiences. These organizations are focusing on updating their hotel property management systems (PMS) – a simple step that will give them a distinct advantage over their competition.

Both hotel guests and hotel staff are experiencing the benefits of these modern property management features. Through an updated, fully integrated hotel PMS, staff members will find their jobs are more enjoyable, they will provide better service, and they will see increased revenue and return guests.

Updating Your Property Management System: The Heart of Hospitality Operations

A hotel property management system (PMS) is the center of hotel operations. It bridges many of the other technology systems that a hotel has in place to facilitate exceptional service levels and create personalized experiences for guests.

The most successful PMS allows staff from different hotel departments to share guest and property information with the common goal of elevating the guest experience through efficient workflows and improved staff productivity through task automation. The hotel PMS integrates with both on-premise and third-party applications (apps) to seamlessly connect various departments throughout the property. By centralizing these services along with property and guest information, hotel staff have the ability to review a single guest itinerary, predict behavior, and efficiently plan for staffing, inventory and scheduling needs.

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Effective hotel PMSs are intuitive and coordinate hotel reservations (room reservations) and hotel room availability, amenity and activity bookings, housekeeping and maintenance, retail point of sale (POS) and food and beverage point of sale (F&B POS), secure payment options, inventory and procurement, guest service through a single view of each guest along with their preferences and history, and all reporting for each of these areas. A fully integrated PMS provides a 360-degree of a hotel's entire enterprise, and allows hotel management to monitor rates and inventory, and facilitate guest check-in and checkout (including self check-in kiosks) as well as the distribution of mobile keys (or digital keys). They are flexible enough to operate on any business operating system and scalable enough to grow with the hotel property.

With features like allowing guests to book all activities in advance or at their leisure through an online booking engine integrated with the PMS and other property modules (golf, spa, dinner reservations or other services), properties need fewer staff and guests have a convenient, flexible way to interact with the hotel. Guests are automatically notified with a confirmation email that includes a single itinerary that they and hotel staff can access. Options like advanced guest activity booking not only help hotels monitor staffing needs, they help the property manage scheduling and inventory more efficiently.

Hotel PMS software helps streamline operational efficiency with the goal of connecting more closely with guests. Properties that update their PMS will maximize a high return on both guest experience and staff experience, resulting in staff retention, elevated service levels, improved reputation, and increased revenue.

High Return Hospitality and Zero Disappointment for Guests

When a hotel’s systems work seamlessly together and are connected by a modern hotel PMS, staff have the tools to do their jobs more efficiently and focus more on guest service. When service levels improve, guests want to stay on property and enjoy the various activities, services and amenities available to them. Hotels have the ability to capture more revenue from these guests just by elevating service levels, and updating their hotel PMS is the most effective first step.

Hotels and resort properties need technology solutions that help them ensure their guests want to stay on property and enjoy the personalized experiences they can create. Tools like updated property management systems for hotels allow staff to do their jobs more efficiently and focus more on guest service. When guests – and not manual tasks – are the focus of hotel staff, properties will reap the benefits of maximizing the return on both the guest experience and the staff experience.

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