Fours Ways Technology Helps Properties Delight Guests

Jun 16, 2022

It doesn't matter how beautiful a property is or how many activities it offers if it’s not focused on the overall experience of its guests. Providing exceptional personalized experiences is the goal of every hotel, resort, casino, and cruise line, and the right technology solutions are vital.

Here are four ways properties with the right technology solutions can create exceptional zero disappointment stays that delight their guests.

Four Ways Technology Helps Properties Delight Guests

1. By Allowing Guests to Take Control of their Stay

Guests have access to many of a resort's facilities and activities online before arriving. When guests can review the property's offerings and make selections in their own time, they are more likely to spend more. Guests can now book spa appointments, tee times, or other activities when they reserve their room. They have the option to not only make a restaurant reservation, but also select the specific table or seat and the server they prefer. Guests can also access seating options on casino floors or pool decks, allowing them to reserve the seat of their choice at the time that is best for them.

2. By Providing Staff the Tools to be Better Hosts

When there is seamless communication between a hotel's systems, the property has access to a single view of the guest. From stay history to favorite food and beverage (F&B) options to activity preferences and special requests, this profile provides the hotel's staff with the information needed to provide a personalized experience. Combine that with solutions that optimize productivity, order accuracy, and speed of service, and staff members will have more time to spend providing exceptional service to guests.

3. By Serving Guests Faster

Today's guests are tech-savvy and very comfortable using their mobile phones to access just about everything. Guests can now check-in and access a room key via a kiosk, or using their mobile phone and bypass the front desk completely. They can access menus updated in real-time, order a meal, and have it delivered directly to their room or where they are on property. Using a location-specific QR code, guests can order in a different area of the property, pay via their mobile device, and have their food delivered directly to them. Another use for QR codes is contactless payments. Guests can scan a code on their bill, access their check, add a gratuity, and pay their bill – all without waiting for a server to return to their table. They can also use their mobile devices to make maintenance or service requests and get real-time updates. Guests can be notified when their room is ready or when a task or service request is completed to limit their wait time.

4. Ensuring the Hotel Communicates with Guests Before, During and After Their Stay

It's important for properties to stay in contact with their guests to build loyalty. Pre-stay email messages announcing updates, discount offers, or new features can be sent to new and repeat guests. Using guest profile content, hotel staff can generate SMS communication with upgrades, coupons, or special offers while the guest is on property. Post-stay surveys encourage positive reviews and return visits. By staying in touch with guests before, during, and after their stay, hotels remains top of mind when guests make future travel plans.

These solutions help properties deliver a seamless, personalized experience to guests that provides them with choice, control, and convenience. These solutions also work to optimize staff experiences by easing workload stress and providing tools that empower them to be better hosts. As a result, guest loyalty is built, staff turnover is reduced, and a property’s bottom line, their Return on Experience is maximized.

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