What is a Hotel PMS? Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Hotel Property Management System

Jan 11, 2023

Many hospitality organizations are struggling with property management systems that are 20 to 30 years old in some cases. By not upgrading their systems, these properties are at risk of losing guests, revenue, and valuable employees. 

There are several hotel property management system options available today, but the secret to finding the best choice for your hotel is to ensure it is customized to your property’s needs and has optimal features that empower staff members to provide personalized service and exceptional guest experiences. 

What is a Hotel PMS? What You Should Look for in a Hotel PMS

  • A hotel PMS that is customized for your specific hotel property (or properties) so you can efficiently and effectively manage operations.
  • A system that seamlessly integrates with other existing solutions on property and a technology partner that works well with other vendors.
  • An experienced hotel technology provider that is invested in ongoing solution development so your property is always at the top of its game.
  • A technology provider that offers other complimentary solutions to support hotel operations should you want to update your other existing systems.
  • A hotel PMS that is flexible and scalable and has the ability to grow with your business.
  • A system that provides a single view of each guest along with their preferences and history in order to further personalize service and create champions for your brand.
  • A technology provider and partner that wants your hotel property to succeed.

Customization: One Size Does Not Fit All

What might work for a single hotel property in one city may not work for a portfolio of resorts in multiple areas. Modern PMSs have the ability to share data with multiple departments and meet the operational needs of complex organizations. These systems allow users to access guest and property data at the touch of a button, from anywhere. A technology provider that has an understanding of different property types and their needs can truly customize a PMS that benefits a specific hotel or one that benefits a multi-property organization.

Ease in Integration: No Need to Reinvent the Wheel if You Don't Have to

There is no reason to replace your other legacy systems if it's not necessary; find a hotel management solution that has the built-in flexibility to work with your other existing systems. If you find you do need to update your legacy systems, choose a provider that is able to offer a property management system that is right for your hotel and offers other solutions to complete your technology toolkit. The best partners are providers who can supply what you need when you need it, but also have the ability to work with other vendors and their solutions that you may already have in place. 

Hotels & Resorts

Whether you operate a single boutique location or a large hotel chain, your hotel is a unique operation that requires robust solutions supported by an experienced technology partner.

Single Guest Profiles – Your Staff's Biggest Advantage

When your property has the ability to learn more about your guests at every touchpoint, your team can better personalize service and delight your guests. With a modern hotel PMS, employees have access to each guest’s profile in order to view history and behavior, understand their preferences, and predict scheduling and inventory needs. By providing staff members with PMS tools that make their jobs easier and create more time for them to spend with their guests, they enjoy their jobs more and further elevate service levels. 

Industry Experience that Also Supports New Solution Development

Choose a technology provider that has long-term experience working with hotels but also is committed to ongoing innovative solution development based on that experience in the hospitality industry. Flexibility and scalability are key in a vendor relationship – focusing on the best technology for your current investment while providing the ability to update that at a later date when your property's needs change.

It’s not just about more heads in beds; it’s about ensuring your team has the most up-to-date tools to provide the best service and ensure five-star guest experiences. Today’s hotel property management systems are automating manual tasks and putting guest information in the employee’s hands to help them better personalize service. These systems seamlessly connect with other solutions and allow the guest to take an active role in customizing their hotel stay by providing them with access to activities and amenities when they reserve their room. At each touchpoint the hotel is able to learn more about their guests and elevate their experience even further. By upgrading your PMS, you are setting your team up to succeed and ensuring your guests have an exceptional experience that they are willing to share with others.

Property Management Solutions

From an individual location to an enterprise chain, get the most modern, comprehensive property management solutions for managing your hospitality business.

Additional Solutions that Compliment Your Hotel’s PMS:

- Robust Booking Engine for online room reservations and pre-arrival activity booking

- Clear line of communication between Housekeeping, Engineering, the Guest Services and your Guests

- Mobile Solutions that offer guests the ability to interact with the property however they are most comfortable. Examples include self check-in and digital keys, mobile or contactless payments, self-service kiosks for retail and food and beverage (F&B), mobile point-of-sale (POS) options to offer F&B service in various areas of the property. 

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